5 Reasons business cards still matter

Business Card Printing
Picture this: you’re at an expo with the potential of converting a number of new clients, but there’s one problem - you’re not the only one with a unique service offering. In fact, there are at least 20 other representatives standing beside you, wanting to land the same clients you’re after. How do you make your business stand out? This inspiring article from entrepreneur.com considers the business card and why it is still a vital tool in today’s world.

Let’s get personal

Jonathan Long from entrepreneur.com explains why the old school business card is the networking tool of choice. Sure, there are ‘fancier ways’ to get your name out there (especially in today’s digital world), but there’s one thing about business cards that’s difficult to achieve online - they’re personal.

Making eye contact, shaking a person’s hand and engaging in an actual conversation about your business will have a much better and long-lasting effect on your potential client over a YouTube ad which they’ll skip the first chance they get. Couple this human interaction with a creative and unique business card to seal the deal? They’ll certainly remember you.

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