The best advertising campaigns of 2018

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As digital and print marketing evolves, so too does the need for marketeers to come up with advertising and content that truly stands out from the crowd. This Spredfast article by Jaime Netzer gives us plenty of ideas – take a read to find out more about the best ad campaigns of 2018.

Print and digital advertising that stands out

As Jaime Netzer puts it:

“Digital marketing is constantly evolving – just when you figure out the latest technology, or the newest addition to a social media platform, something else changes. In many ways, this change is good: it allows room for innovation and it means that digital marketers can take risks with their social media ad campaigns. And so far, 2018 has been a year of social media innovation: we’ve seen really clever ad campaigns that involve audiences, and we’ve seen brands create campaigns that are hyper-local and seem tailor-made for specific audiences.”

From Spotify’s ads that speak to the power of personalisation and data (when used right) to  LinkedIn’s unexpected approach and catchy tagline, this list is a showcase of brands stepping out of their comfort zones in order to build a relationship with and send a powerful message to customers.

Who’s to say that we can’t learn from these great campaigns and apply their innovation to our own ideas?

How Creative Brands can help

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