Do branded promotional products still make an impact?

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With the power of social media and online advertising growing by the day, many businesses are wondering if it’s still worth investing in branded promotional products. We loved this excellent article from Forbes on the impact of branded items to businesses worldwide - even today, when we spend so much time online.

Cut through the digital noise

In the fast-paced digital world, do promo products really make a difference to brand loyalty or contribute to brand advertising or are they just considered ‘free stuff’? As Forbes contributor, Michael Wood, puts it:

“With so many marketers focusing their marketing efforts online, promotional products have been neglected as a way to promote a business. Unfortunately, those of us who have abandoned the practice of using such items are missing out.”

And why is that? First off, we’re numbed by online media and promotional product gives us the opportunity to cut through the digital noise. Secondly, studies show that promo products stick around in our homes, offices or cars for at least eight months - now that’s a lot of advertising for a once off cost, don’t you think? 

Inspire brand loyalty

Just think about it for a minute. You might struggle to stay focused on one website and jump all over the web, but if you’re writing your ‘to do’ list with your favourite pen - that just so happens to be branded - the influence is not only positive, but constant. 

Michael Woods continues, “They’re tangible. Consumers have learned to ignore most forms of advertising. The recall rate for promotional product is a record 85% for some products. There is something unique about receiving a physical item that you can touch, feel, and actually use, that far exceeds the impact of a TV commercial or search ad.”

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It’s totally worth reading this article from Forbes. You can also head this way and be inspired by our latest promo products - remember, we can brand them with your logo and specs.
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