Do’s and don’ts of great brand merchandise

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So, you’d like to invest in unique promotional gifts? Good for you - you’re in the right place! We want you to make the best decision for your brand and we loved this article on the Do’s and Don’ts of Great Brand Merchandise. We think you’ll find it helpful, too.

Here are the key take-outs that resonated super strongly with us.

1. Choose a promo product that will be used often!

There’s no point spending good money on a product that will sit in a drawer or be used infrequently. Choose branded items that will be used often, for example hoodies, water bottles or power banks. The more useful, the better!

2. Ensure you understand your target market

Before investing in branded merchandise, consider your target market. Will your product resonate with them? Does it suit their lifestyle? Does it have longevity or will it go out of style quickly?

3. Measure the return on your investment

It’s totally worth reading the full article to know exactly what questions you need to ask here. Metrics are important so that you know just how valuable your promo products are to your business.

4. Invest in high-quality goods

Ensure the branded items you choose are top quality! Your loyal audience, clients or employees totally deserve it, plus it’s a representation of your brand’s standards. Nothing but the best.

By asking yourself important questions during the planning phase, you will make the right decisions in terms of longevity, usability and positive brand awareness. For instance - does my target audience have a need for this promo product? If I have leftovers of this merchandise, can I re-use them at another event? Is this item in line with my brand objectives? 

Read a far more in-depth analysis of great branding here and of course, get in touch with us if we can help!
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