Digital Printing on Bags

From tote bags and shopper bags to drawstring bags and gift bags, we have a wide range of bags that were born to not only carry your essentials but to also carry your branding.

Bags are both a functional and affordable product to brand with your logo and we’ve got digital printing services that will make that happen, no matter where you are in South Africa.

Why invest in digital printing on bags?

Branding a promotional product or corporate gift is a strategic and smart way to showcase your brand to hundreds of people. Here’s our list of reasons why we think printed bags should be a part of your marketing strategy.

They build brand awareness

Not only are printed bags a great way to display your logo, but you can take your digital printing a step further and use it to spread the word about social media campaigns, competitions, sales, charitable causes and more. Whoever receives your custom-branded bag will essentially become a walking billboard for whatever brand message you’re wanting to share. Think about investing in branded bags for your next event, marketing campaign or just to make your team and clients smile.

They won’t break the bank

When it comes to promotional marketing, cost is always a concern. But for businesses on a tight budget, digital printing on tote bags, drawstring bags or shopper bags provides an affordable option that still looks super professional and stylish.

They are an eco-friendly alternative

Aside from being affordable and functional, many bags in our range offer you an environmentally friendly corporate gifting and promotional giveaway option. Gifting printed bags, such as tote bags and shopper bags made from non-woven fabric, cotton or unlaminated jute is not only a wise decision for the planet, but will build trust and respect with your customers and clients.

How the process works

Digital printing is a great branding technique for bags as it is suitable for complicated designs and ensures the finished product is precise and clear. How it works is that a full-colour digital image is printed onto special transfer paper. This paper is then coated with a unique powdered glue which is cured onto the ink with UV rays. Thereafter it is placed onto the product which is inserted into a heat press and the heat from the press allows the print to be transferred directly onto the fabric.

Although this branding technique works on a range of materials, when it comes to printed bags, we advise sticking to cotton, polyester, unlaminated jute and other non-woven fabrics.

So if you’re trying to cut down on marketing costs, and you’ve also got quite a complex business logo, we recommend digital printing on bags as a promotional branding technique of choice, and we promise our range of products and our professional printers will make your brand proud!

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