Digital Printing on Notebooks

In a world where technology rules, somehow each and every one of us still reach for a piece of paper to jot down thoughts, ideas, notes or doodles. There’s something nostalgic, reliable and comforting about a brand new notebook, which is why it is still considered to be one of the best corporate gifting or promotional giveaway options.

Why you should invest in printed notebooks

Custom-branded notebooks are an effective tool for increasing your brand’s exposure because they are both practical and personal – especially when branded with your company branding or artwork of choice.

Here is why we love them so much:

  • They are practical.
  • Most people have a notebook that they use daily, weekly or just carry with them in their laptop case. And practical gifts are the best gifts especially when they are branded so your business remains top of mind. Maximum exposure for minimal investment.

    Your clients or employees will be grateful to receive a gift they can actually use, that won’t break, run out of batteries and that doesn’t require an instruction manual. .

  • They won’t break the bank.
  • Investing in printed notebooks is an affordable marketing approach. They are considered one of the most cost-effective promotional products.

  • They are an empty canvas
  • The simple nature of notebooks makes them a literal decorative canvas for your branding which means you can customise them to include whatever artwork you’d like. Whether it’s just your logo, or a design that includes company information, or a campaign message – digital printing on notebooks has no limits. You can even go as far as printing a name or personal message.

How does digital printing on notebooks work?

Using the latest customised UV technology, we are able to digitally print full-colour, high-definition digital images directly onto notebooks. This branding technique is a win for any business looking for an affordable way to customise their promotional products as there are minimal production processes involved and therefore the method is cost-effective but super professional.

Digital printing on notebooks is considered to be a high-impact branding method that prints designs and artwork with photo-realistic clarity. Intricate logos? Multiple colours? Shading and gradients? Small text? Digital printing will ensure that every aspect of your design is transferred beautifully onto the promotional notebook. And you can use this printing method on a range of notebooks made from PU leather, leatherette paper or standard paper (we can advise should you have any questions).

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So if you’re looking for an affordable yet rewarding way to treat your clients and customers (and, at the same time, increase your brand exposure), consider the nostalgic and useful gift of a printed notebook. Get in touch with us for all digital printing on notebooks in South Africa.