Foil Hot Stamping

corporate or promotional gifting. You want your executive gifts or merchandise to hold more presence in your client’s mind than a gift they may have received from anyone else. You want these gifts to reflect the quality of your own business and to feel personal and thoughtful. One way in which to tick all the boxes when it comes to corporate or end-of-year gifting is to choose the best way to custom-brand a product. Here we will look at the ins and outs of foil hot stamping.

What is foil hot stamping?

Foil hot stamping is like debossing except that it presses a thin foil into the product to create a colour. Compared to debossing, it doesn’t create as deep an impression. If you are trying to imagine a foil stamped product, think about a foiled title on a hardcover book.

The process uses heat and pressure and sculpted metal stamps. These stamps and the intended design can be applied using different textures to create a matte, metallic, glossy or holographic look for your branding.

Here at Creative Brands, our foil stamping process gives you the option of using a variety of foils on your products, including blue, copper, gold, green, light blue, orange, red, silver and yellow. Looking for a foil hot stamping specialist in South Africa? You are in the right place.

Why is foil hot stamping a great branding option?

They say never judge a book by its cover, but we’re all drawn to the book covers that have that beautiful gold lettering on them. Why?

Foil hot stamping adds a touch of elegance to your corporate gifts and is one of the best branding techniques for attracting the attention of your consumers. But don’t take our word for it, look at the science.

A study conducted by the Foil & Specialty Effects Association (FSEA) revealed that when it comes to product packaging, foil hot stamping attracts consumer attention faster and holds their attention longer than other packaging would. The shine and finish of foil hot stamping is associated with premium quality, and when consumers see packaging or a product with this kind of branding, the product often has a higher-perceived value.

Products that work well when branded with foil hot stamping

Foil hot stamping is a technique that dates back to the 19th century, often used on cardboard and paper products like business cards, wedding invitations, or book covers, but these days it can be used on a wider variety of materials. It looks great pressed onto vinyl, wood, textiles, leather or hard plastic. Here are products that brand superbly with foil hot stamping:

If there’s a product you’re interested in but you’re not sure if foil hot stamping is the right branding technique to go for, we have a team of superheroes who are on-call to give you advice on the best printing option for your corporate products.

Looking for a hot foil stamping specialist in Joburg, Cape Town or anywhere in South Africa? Give us a call and let us help.