Laser Etching on Clothing

If you’re looking to upgrade your office workwear, or want to purchase promotional golf shirts, jackets or T-shirts for the next company event, laser etching could be the branding technique you are looking for.

Used by brands and businesses intent on settling for nothing less than the best with their promotional branding, laser etching on fabric is a unique way to make your company’s artwork stand out on clothing items.

What is laser etching on clothing?

Simply put, laser technology is used to very carefully burn your artwork of choice onto fabric. The design will showcase differently based on the fabric used but our recommendation, when choosing this branding technique, is to stick with fabrics such as polyester or polyester pique fleece for a clean and clear design. Laser technology burns the design into the fabric’s top layer which creates a darker tonal mark of your artwork. Other fabrics may produce lighter or less distinguishable designs.

Why choose the laser fabric etching technique?

Laser technology in the clothing industry has been used extensively since the early 1960s and it comes with many advantages. One of which is that it is considered to be a more eco-friendly branding solution than many other techniques out there (and we are always on-board for anything that’s helping to protect our planet!).

Why is laser etching on clothing a more environmentally-friendly solution?

Fabric decoration can often be one of the most polluting stages in the clothing manufacturing process. But, according to research, laser etching is one of the most sustainable applications of artwork onto fabric, while still allowing designers to create innovative designs. This is thanks to machines like the C02 laser, whose energy efficiency and running speed are far superior to other traditional printing production methods, and therefore decrease energy consumption. On top of that, laser etching technology depends only on the fabric of the product to create the design – which means no need for wasted water or pollutant chemicals like ink.

What are the other benefits of laser etching?

Aside from being eco-friendly, laser etching on clothing is an efficient and budget-friendly branding technique that allows you to professionally brand golf-shirts, body warmers, scarves, hats, beanies or any clothing so that your logo or company artwork gets the attention and appreciation it deserves.

Laser etching software also ensures accurate branding and consistency, which makes it a great option if you are ordering items in bulk (and on a tight turnaround time).

Items that work well when branded with laser etching

The following products team well with laser etching.

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