Sublimation Printing

The sublimation printing technique first emerged in the 1950s and changed the world of branding. It offers businesses the chance to brand using bright and bold colours and it can be a great affordable branding option. Here we will look at the ins and outs of sublimation printing.

Why is sublimation printing such a revolutionary branding method?

Instead of centuries-old silk screen printing methods, sublimation printing uses a digital full-colour printer fitted with special sublimation inks. The logo or specified artwork is printed onto a special transfer paper and cut automatically to the correct size and shape. The artwork is then placed onto the product and heat is applied, causing the inks to migrate from the paper onto the product. This form of printing allows for a much higher quality image than would have previously been possible using other branding techniques.

The advantages and disadvantages of sublimation printing

There are many advantages to choosing this printing method for corporate gift branding or promotional merchandise. Aside from ensuring premium full-colour photorealistic prints, advantages of sublimation printing include:

  • It’s affordable. With sublimation printing you can print on a wide range of materials for a lesser cost than many other printing methods.
  • It produces a print with high-res image quality.
  • The high-quality dye used means that the print is durable.
  • It’s an easy and efficient method to use if your branding requires multiple colours.
  • It’s durable. The images will not fade or wash off.
  • The dye used in the process does not make the fabric feel more stiff or rough.

Products that work well when branded using sublimation printing

When purchasing promotional products or corporate gifts, it’s key to match a great product with the most suitable branding method. If in doubt, give us a shout! We are specialists in sublimation printing and all other forms of branding. Here’s a selection of products that work well when branded using the sublimation printing technique.

Sublimation versus screen printing

Although both methods are effective in giving your promotional products branding of the highest standard, they can be used for different purposes. Sublimation printing is better suited to producing photorealistic images, so if your artwork is highly detailed, with multiple colours or you want to brand your product with an actual photograph, this would be the preferred technique for you. Screen printing requires a stencil for every design, which means if the design is complicated, colourful and intricate, many stencils will be needed. As such, screen printing is a branding method best suited for more simple designs like slogans or outlined logos.

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