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Leather wallets are an appreciated gift for everyone. It is available in various designs for both men and women and even in sets when one has to oblige a couple. Hence, it makes for an excellent option for corporate and promotional gifting purposes. Creative Brands has a wide variety and selection of wallets in beautiful designs, colors, materials and styles to choose from which can be used for bulk gifting. Wallets being a thing of utility and durability are sure to content and satisfy the recipient completely. They come in specific gift boxes which look extremely appealing and high-end, with the company logo printed on them

promotional travel wallet
R133.68 Excl. VAT
square wave corporate cufflinks
R86.06 Excl. VAT
corporate tie clip
R135.78 Excl. VAT
gold and silver round corporate cufflinks
R171.17 Excl. VAT
gold rectangular corporate cufflinks
R148.53 Excl. VAT
two tone corporate cufflinks
R132.58 Excl. VAT
corporate agent cufflinks
R121.11 Excl. VAT
superman corporate cufflinks
R157.42 Excl. VAT
pedova passport promotional wallet
R59.99 Excl. VAT
pedova corporate travel wallet
R96.48 Excl. VAT
auvergne corporate wallet
R110.43 Excl. VAT
auvergne promotional travel wallet
R187.97 Excl. VAT
corporate coinage coin pouch
R8.99 Excl. VAT
payday promotional wallet
R22.49 Excl. VAT
classic trim corporate cufflinks
R72.66 Excl. VAT