Hospitality Uniforms

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Every job requires a particular and specific attire which needs to be followed and worn by everyone in that industry. Likewise, for the hospitality industry there are separate uniforms for waiters, supervisors, chefs, ground staff and attendants and so on. When short-listing corporate and promotional gift items for this industry, it is advisable to gift things which would be of utility and convenience to them like gloves, aprons, skull caps, food safety jackets and so on. At Creative Brands, we take care to provide the apt choice of gifts for the apt industry thereby making it highly convenient for companies to choose the right gift for the right people.

mahogany corporate antitheft skirt hanger silver
R0.00 Excl. VAT
belle corporate short sleeve jacket
R363.36 Excl. VAT
celine corporate short sleeve jacket
R350.61 Excl. VAT
fiona corporate waistcoat
R254.98 Excl. VAT
oxford sporty unisex corporate jacket
R148.50 Excl. VAT
trendi 2 tone unisex corporate jacket
R148.50 Excl. VAT