Company culture – is it a myth?

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The term ‘company culture’ is certainly a phrase you’ll hear when you’re looking for a job or chatting to a group of HR professionals – but what does it really mean? This article written by HR leader, Robin Schooling, gives us a useful perspective on company culture, urging us to rather place importance on ‘company culture fit’:

“The game-changer in all this is making sure we hire for reality, the ‘what it’s really like to work here today’ culture. We can’t hire for what we hope to be or what we think we are.”

What is the reality of your company culture?

Too often ‘company culture’ can be an excuse to idealise our workplace and colleagues or make us feel somehow that we all have to fit into a certain mould. This is why thinking rather about ‘company culture fit’ can be more helpful especially when it comes to hiring new recruits. As Robin puts it:

“Realise ‘fit’ does not equal sameness: You’re not building an army of Stepford wives. Diverse hires with varying backgrounds, experiences and styles will bring new ideas and input. ‘Fit’ does not mean everyone enjoys the same after-work activities or belonged to the same types of clubs in school – remember that.”

Dare to be different (and realistic)

There are still massive benefits that come from striving for a better workplace or ‘culture’ that will see employees thrive, but let’s dare to be realistic (it’s totally OK if your work is quiet and you like it that way) and embrace difference. Read the full article here.

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