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Who doesn’t like receiving a compliment? Anyone? We didn’t think so.

In the world of work, being nice can take a backseat to oiling that money making machine we call a business.

We can often get told off for doing bad work but rarely receive more than a mere mutter of a “thank you” when we haven’t slept in three days to deliver our service.

At Creative Brands in Cape Town, we believe a simple compliment can truly go a long way. Sure it’s a dog-eat- dog world out there but that doesn’t mean we have to lose our humanity.

Compliment slips are a great way of spreading the love. Whether it’s for a client, employee or employer (they like to know they’re doing a good job too), we’ll ensure your compliment slip design gets the message across in style.

Our personalised compliment slip printing services will make sure your flattery is the talk of the town.

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