Top 5 Custom Branded Tote Bags 

Our Guide To Tote-ally Amazing Tote Bags

Are you looking for fashionable, trendy and budget-friendly promotional items? Or an eco friendly corporate gift that shows your employees that their company cares about the environment? Then look no further than our tote-ally amazing custom branded tote bags. At Creative brands we have over 100 tote bags and shopping bags to choose from in a wide variety of colours and styles.

Here’s why you should choose branded tote bags:

1) Eco friendly: A branded tote bag is an excellent replacement for plastic shopper bags and can save thousands of plastic bags being used every year. Tote bags are made of environmentally friendly biodegradable materials, including cotton tote bags, canvas bags, fabric bags and some made from jute fibres. 

2) Multipurpose: Whether your clients are hitting the beach, doing their monthly grocery shopping or heading out for a picnic with friends, your branded shopping tote bags will be centre stage due to their versatility. Tote bags and shopper bags are also a guaranteed return on investment as they are an inexpensive way to boost brand awareness as your clients create a walking advertisement for your brand.

3) Numerous branding options: While you decide on the look you would like to create, take a moment to think about our branding options. Screen printing involves rolling ink over a negative of your design onto your chosen shopper bag. Alternatively, we can use digital transfer to move ink off transfer paper onto your item through heat or pressure, which suits more intricate designs. Or perhaps you would like to create an understated and elegant design using debossing, which involves stamping your brand into a chosen article creating an indent of your logo.

Our top 5 picks

1) Hamilton Canvas Tote: Saving the planet doesn’t mean you need to compromise on style. Spoil your employees or valued customers with these classy tote canvas bags. These canvas bags are available in two-tone black and brown, offering a level of sophistication with their luxury silky pongee lining and a concealed front pocket for valuables. Allow your brand to ooze class with an understated debossed branded design on these tote canvas bags.

2) Okiyo Kashira Jute Tote: These spacious two-tone black and beige jute
shopping bags feature a mandala print on the top of the bag, leaving space for your design below. Robust double handles for easy carrying and button closure for added security. Your design can be branded using screen print or digital transfer.

3) Greenvale Tote: When nature and fashion meet, great things happen! Add a splash of colour by adding your logo to our eco-friendly Greenvale Tote Bag range. These inexpensive and eye-catching
eco-friendly bags are a fantastic way to bring attention to your brand. The two branding options available for these gift bags are screen print and digital transfer. Go on, get your brand out there and stand out from the crowd. 

4) Harvest Fashion Shopper: These
 shopper bags will make an eco friendly statement for your brand as they are made from natural cotton and durable cork. Available in three neutral colours, your brand is sure to pop right off the fabric. Brand your design using digital transfer or screen print. 

5) Okiyo Ookii Cotton Shopper: This inexpensive and sustainable
cotton bag is a blank canvas to create the design of your choice. They offer side panels, a gusset at the bottom and long handles for over the shoulder carrying. This cotton bag is branded using digital transfer and screen print.
Now let’s get ready to save the planet! Check out our full range of environmentally friendly branded tote bags here, upload your logo, receive an instant online quote and then grab a green juice while we take care of the rest.
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