Domed stickers are perfect to catch the eye of your prospective clients! Our resin decals are not only vibrant but also extremely durable and resiliant. Domed decals take stickers to the next level, start your dome sticker printing and get a quote today!
Dome Stickers


Domed stickers are also known as domed decals or resin decals.  They can be used for a large variety of applications including name plate decals for appliances, computer equipment, cars and trucks, restaurant equipment etc. The uses are limited only by the imagination.  We also produce domed decals for use on corporate gifts, diaries and many other promotional items. The Domed decals looks like a 3D sticker.

We print produce Dome sticker in our factory. We print on vinyl, then place media onto the laser cutter and then we Dome the individual stickers using a resin mixture.

This is time consuming process turnaround time is usually anywhere from 3 - 10 working days depending on quantity.

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