How to ensure your company branding leaves a good impression

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Why is it that when somebody asks you to name any three brands, you will likely jump straight to companies like Coca-Cola, Google, Apple, Nike, or Cadbury’s?

Even though you’re currently sitting in an office, a restaurant or living room surrounded by a myriad of brands to choose from, your mind will still go to these kind of brands, despite the fact they may not be visible in your current environment.

What is it about brands that makes them stand out?

According to Mary Stribley, writing for Canva, successful company branding is not simply about having an iconic logo, but rather the various ways you can package your brand.

“Think of a brand as a person, the logo is their appearance or a visual representation, but there is much more to them than just the outside appearance. The way they speak, the way they act, the way they dress, all of the small parts form to make the whole – the brand.
From the logo right through to the way they use social media, a brand is a large machine with many elements that make it up.”

In this article, Mary details 12 simple strategies for creating effective company branding that’ll put your brand top of mind with consumers.
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