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elephant 1l corporate carafe

A beautiful piece reminiscent to ancient Africa, this carafe is simply divine in every aspect! If you love adding elegance to your space and still wish to keep a corporate feel, this one is for you! Designed in high-quality glass, the carafe has a metal top and a sturdy base. Gift it to a colleague or use it for your wines, spirits and beverages, complete with old-fashioned or tall-stemmed wine glasses and you are good to go! It is perfect for serving and storing spirits and other beverages. With a holding capacity of 1 liter, the carafe is sufficient for a small party without frequent refills.
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Colours and stock available:

Carton Dimensions: 46 x 34 x 61 cm
Carton Weight: 12.6 kg
Material: zinc, nickel alloy and glass
Quantity Per Carton: 12
Size: 25 ( I ) x 15 ( w ) x 12.5 ( h )