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Custom Branded Beach Gifts

Whether it’s for your team or your favourite clients, few things show appreciation more than a thoughtful gift. So, let’s get your corporate gifting game on. Choose any item in our range and we will brand it with your logo. Beach balls, picnic mats, custom-printed beach chairs and more, show that you understand the important work life balance of work hard, play harder! Get your free quote today for executive and branded beach gifts.

Coastline Corporate Beach Bag

R100.54 (excl)

Caribbean Corporate Beach Set

R150.52 (excl)

Paradiso Promotional Folding Chair

R210.98 (excl)

Paradiso Corporate Beach Umbrella

R152.28 (excl)

Ripple Promotional Lunch Tote

R71.48 (excl)

Cocoon Promotional Fleece Blanket And Bag

R162.74 (excl)

Waterproof Promotional Pouch

R14.52 (excl)

Tracker Promotional Chair And Storage Bag

R107.08 (excl)

Promotional Frisbee

R9.81 (excl)

Promotional Sun Shelter

R248.40 (excl)

Promotional Beach or Yoga Mat

R62.40 (excl)

Corporate Beach Box

R14.16 (excl)

Foldable Beach Promotional Chair Backpack

R516.00 (excl)

Retractable Promotional Dog Leash

R100.80 (excl)

Portable Promotional Dog Water Bottle

R45.60 (excl)

Portable Promotional Dog Bowl

R37.20 (excl)

PVC Promotional Bag And Clips

R21.60 (excl)

Promotional PVC Waterproof Beach Bag

R119.98 (excl)

Outdoor Promotional Chair Stool

R87.14 (excl)

Foldable Corporate Frisbee In Pouch

R6.21 (excl)

Folding Promotional Outdoor Chair

R211.64 (excl)

Corporate Camping Chair With Umbrella And Cooler

R746.98 (excl)

Corporate Frisbee

R11.98 (excl)

Foldable Corporate Beach Mat With Carry Strap

R59.98 (excl)

Corporate Beach Chair

R194.98 (excl)

Hammock Promotional Beach Chair

R192.96 (excl)
Arriving Soon

Promotional Straw Mat

R59.98 (excl)
Arriving Soon

Corporate Fold Up Tent

R239.98 (excl)
Arriving Soon

Inflatable Promotional Chair

R269.98 (excl)