Branded USB Accessories

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Ah, the humble USB, what did we do before these little sticks of convenience showed up on the planet?  No longer are we as a species confined to movie houses or printed presentations, freed by this wondrous new technological gem. No longer just a humble stick, they now with accessories!

Our Branded USB Accessories are the next wave, the evolution of the USB given shape and form..(branded, stylish shape and form of course). Technology has come a long way and what best than gifting USB accessories like a wristbands to promote your company’s brand image or as a corporate gift to your employees.

protector eva pouch
R50.98 Excl. VAT
delta micro drone
R439.53 Excl. VAT
virtual world viewer
R126.22 Excl. VAT
metal presentation box
R12.74 Excl. VAT
usb desk fan
R67.56 Excl. VAT
tech display case
R15.28 Excl. VAT