4 great ideas for a happier workplace

Can you optimise a company for calm and not chaos? What can we do to make sure that the workplace is actually set up for a productive and creative environment rather than for meetings, stress and short periods of time in which you are expected to quickly ‘do your work’? We found this superb article by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, the founders of the digital traffic and workflow program Basecamp, and it is definitely worth a read!

The workplace re-imagined

“How often have you heard someone say ‘It’s crazy at work’? Maybe you’ve said it yourself. But why so crazy? There are two primary reasons: (1) The workday is being sliced into tiny, fleeting work moments due to an onslaught of physical and virtual distractions. (2) An unhealthy obsession with growth at any cost sets unrealistic expectations that stress people out.
It’s no wonder people are working longer, earlier, later, on weekends and whenever they have a spare moment. People can’t get work done at work anymore. That turns life into work’s leftovers. The doggie bag.”

From too many meetings and not enough resources to the way in which new ideas or proposals are presented (far better to do so via a thought-through document than in a meeting scenario when feedback is knee-jerk and not considered), the workplace can become your happy place, by innovating in a few key areas.  

Say no to meetings

In this ideas.ted.com article, Basecamp founders discuss four common beliefs and practices in the workplace and how to rethink them, in order to maximise work efficiency. So say no to meetings and read up (honestly, it’s worth it).
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