Flat Peak Cap

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Flat peak caps are best for sports. They look smart, protect you from the direct sun’s rays, keep your head covered and eyes protected. These caps are specially designed for sports and fitness programs and at Creative Brands we tailor-make them so that they can be used for corporate gifting and promotional purposes. The company logo can be easily embroidered or printed on the flap in the front and hence it serves as an excellent gift for promoting a brand image, especially of a sports-oriented company. So make your pick by logging on to our website and leave the rest to us.

retail promotional sandwich peak cap
R38.92 Excl. VAT
brushed cotton corporate razor peak cap
R31.42 Excl. VAT
corporate snap back mesh
R38.92 Excl. VAT
promotional fashion 6 snapback
R131.25 Excl. VAT
6 panel enzo cap
R41.98 Excl. VAT