How to get the most out of your diary

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Is there anything better than starting a new diary or journal? There’s such a sense of possibility from those fresh pages and the hope that this time, it will ensure you never miss a beat or appointment. But we are nearly all guilty of falling out of love with our diaries after the first few weeks and months. Too often, we’re distracted by multiple other calendars. So how can we make the most of a diary and why are paper diaries still important in this digital age?

Does a diary still have a place in 2019?

In this great article from the Milligram Blog, Maria Matina speaks about how a paper diary helps us to slow down before we speed up:

“Set aside the time each week – at the beginning or the end – to plan ahead with your diary. Paper offers you the chance to sit, plan and prepare; to slow down before you have to speed up. Taking the time out to write your to-do’s, notes and thoughts is a great way to relieve stress and improve your mental health because it’s a chance to clear your mind.”

6 top tips for using a diary

Maria delves into 6 tips on how to get the most out of your diary. From simple things like keeping it open or carrying it with you, to more creative ideas like bullet journalling and choosing the right format, your diary holds the potential to keep you calm, organized and also to bring back good memories of the year gone by. Read all of Maria’s tips here.

Custom-printed diaries

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