Is print marketing effective in this digital world?

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Back in the days when we would leave the office and ‘power down’ our clunky desktops, call our Gran on the landline and read our favourite newspaper for our current affairs fix, print ads were pretty much the be-all-and-end-all of advertising. Since we have been glued to our screens, many have questioned how important and effective it is to advertise in print, but perhaps the pendulum is still swinging.This great article by Forbes Magazine considers just how relevant print advertising is in today’s digital world and, if you’re inspired, here are some pretty epic ads that will make you look twice.

How relevant is print advertising?

We are biased for sure: we LOVE print and see such massive opportunities for businesses, branding and advertising in this space but don’t just take our word for it. Read what the members of the Forbes Communications Council have to say about where print fits in the future of advertising.

Does print now hold a strange new power?

One of the views (which we happen to agree with) is that “with people becoming more and more blind to digital advertising methods, print offers an alternative medium to connect with your audience on their terms.” Indeed the “ubiquity of digital media has given print media a strange new power.” Interesting, right? But there are others who imagine print media as a relic in a museum in years to come as adverts become all about our dynamic screen environment.

What we all agree on

Right now, what we all pretty much agree on is that print works when it’s innovative, intelligent and in the right place. Think about where your brand comes into physical contact with your customers. Think about print in a shop, retail or event space… it still holds great opportunity for connection with your audience, target market or community.

Need some inspiration for your next print ad? Here are 33 Powerful and Creative Ads that Will Make You Look Twice.

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