Build your business by making your customers brand ambassadors

Promotional Items
We may be living in a digital world, where pop-up banners are no longer displays you put up at a golfing event, but rather small adverts that follow us all in the digital world, but that doesn’t mean that valuable connections with your customers can only be built online. 
A world of marketing opportunity exists in the offline world, and it’s called corporate gifting

As Kristie Notto says in this article for HuffPost:
“Sometimes as entrepreneurs we get caught in our online bubble. It’s easy to think that building your customer base is as easy as posting a blog, Tweeting, or sending an email blast. But if you aren’t looking at offline ways to build your business, you are missing out.”

Over 50% of consumers keep a promotional product anywhere from 1 year to more than 4 years

That’s much more powerful than a Facebook advert they may see for one second. On top of that, depending on what the promotional item is, they could be wearing it around town, displaying it on their office desk, or even regifting it to someone a few years down the line.

It’s not the circle of life or the gift of life, it’s the circle of gifting!

By giving your customers a corporate gift, you’ve turned them into brand ambassadors. And what happens to a business with brand ambassadors? It GROWS. And the more it grows, the more customers you gift, the more brand ambassadors you get.
Continue reading this article from HuffPost to delve deeper into how promotional gifting can build your business and get in touch with us at Creative Brands for all your corporate gifting needs.
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