Our top fitness gifts

Corporate Branded Fitness Gifts
Fit is the new fashion! So much so, that the fitness gifting category is booming right now. It speaks to a better work–life balance and the good intentions we all often start the new year with – to exercise more, and to look after ourselves a little better! So, whether you know your client is a CrossFit fanatic and you want to give something thoughtful this year, or you’re looking for the perfect gift for your team, take a look at some of our favourite fitness gifts right now.
Every step counts! So why not see how far you really walk in a day? Perfect for teams or clients who are always on the move. This gift is budget-friendly and can be bought either branded with your company logo or as is. Take a look.
Skipping is one of the best workouts you can do and you don’t even need a big space in which to do it. Why not get a whole lot to kick-start the office fitness goals? You can even custom-print each one.
Tech gifts are always a winner, especially if they can sync with other devices, monitor your heart rate and keep you motivated to reach your fitness milestones. This fitness watch is an excellent choice – it’s a lot more affordable than you might think or you can push the boat out a little further with this Orbit Promotional Fitness Watch. There’s a big price range to choose within and all can be branded.
Keeping cool has never been easier with this buff. It’s made from high-tech cooling fabric, which means it gets super cold when wet. Check it out.
Some of the best gifts are the most useful and this sports towel will be perfect for the gym, to keep in your car or take on your next hike. It even has a handy zipped pocket and a great spot for branding. Have a browse.

Over and above all of these gifts, we also have a huge range of water bottles so you can keep hydrated and away from single-use bottles for 2019!
Still searching for the perfect gift? Let us do the work for you. Get in touch and together we’ll come up with the grandest of plans for an epic end-of-year gifting season.
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