Promotional T Shirts Boost Brand Awareness

Trending Promotional T Shirts

Are you looking for an affordable and on-trend way to boost brand awareness and generate more leads for your business? Stand out amongst your competition with Creative Brands’ T shirt printing expertise and browse our exciting range of corporate custom print T shirts for men and women.

With over 70 T shirts to choose from, in a variety of bold and exciting colours, branded promotional T shirts offer you the opportunity to connect with customers in a fun and creative way.

We offer numerous
branding options using a ‘state of the art’ printing machine for t shirts, ensuring eye-catching, custom print branded T shirts that will create a walking advertisement for your business.

3 Reasons why you should choose promotional T shirts

  1. Builds unity within your team: Whether you are choosing custom T shirts for a promotional event, as a corporate gift or using them to spice up your staff’s uniform, promotional T shirts stimulate a sense of unity, teamwork and a sense of belonging amongst your employees.

  2. Boosts brand awareness: Promotional T shirts are an inexpensive form of advertising that create a walking advertisement for your brand. Branded tshirts are also a conversation starter as they pique people’s interest, thereby boosting word of mouth advertising, promoting brand awareness and generating future business relationships.

  3. Ensures customer retention: Choosing an item of clothing like a promotional branded T shirt that never goes out of fashion is a thoughtful way to thank loyal customers for their unwavering support. Customers that feel appreciated will continue to sing your praises, creating a lasting positive impression of your brand on everyone they encounter.

Here are our top 5 promotional t shirts to inspire you:

  1. Unisex Super Club T shirt: With 18 funky colours to choose from, these unisex t shirts made of 100% cotton are an inexpensive way to showcase your brand.  T shirt printing options include; embroidery, digital transfer and screen print. 

  2. Ladies Maui Racerback Top: These sporty alternative T shirts for ladies are available in 6 classic colours and made from 100% cotton, making them a trendy way to promote your brand. They can be branded using digital transfer, embroidery and screen print. 

  3. Unisex Super Club 180 T Shirts: Available in 10 bold colours and made from 100% cotton, these unisex t shirts offer a blank canvas to promote your brand in a creative way. Custom print T shirt branding options include; digital transfer, embroidery and screen print.

  4. Men’s All Star T Shirt: A choice between 7 flattering colours and made from 100% polyester, these T shirts for men will keep your employees cool, are easy to care for and offer more branding options.  Branding options include; laser engraving, digital transfer, embroidery and screen print.

  5. Ladies/men’s Long sleeve Portland T Shirt: Available in 9 trendy colours, you can create a sophisticated look with these long-sleeved T shirts for men and ladies. Custom print options are available using digital transfer, embroidery and screen print.


Wear Your Business On Your Sleeve

Browse our full range of Branded T shirts. Get an instant online quote, upload your logo and let us take care of all your promotional T shirt needs. The promotion of your brand has never been easier!

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