The #1 secret to choosing promotional gifts

Promo Gifts
It’s easy to hand out generic promotional gifts stamped with your company logo to every customer you want to say thank you to.
Choosing one gift, buying it in bulk and ticking off ‘client gifting’ on your to-do list certainly has its appeal but will this corporate gifting strategy have the effect you are after? Probably not. Here’s what we believe is the number one secret to smart promotional gifting.

Think about the person you are buying for

The secret to choosing promotional gifts, according to Shep Hyken, a customer service and experience expert, is that ‘a customer gift should be about the customer and not the company’. Focus on the person and their interests or needs. Focus on what it means to ‘gift’.
He goes on to explain that choosing thought-out, personal gifts signify to your customer that you care about the business relationship:

‘In a time when we run around with seemingly never-ending to-do lists and mobile devices that beep at us all day long with important messages needing our immediate attention, we can easily forget to express our gratitude.
‘A business relationship is fundamentally the same as a personal relationship. Relationships need to be established and then cared for.’

Read the full article on the art of giving the perfect business gift for more valuable insights from Shep Hyken.

A gift unique to each customer

The aim of all corporate gifting is to show your client or customer how much you value their business and for the gift you’ve chosen to be meaningful, useful and positively reflect your brand values.
That’s exactly where Creative Brands comes in. We have a vast range of top quality corporate gifting options and we’re on hand to custom-brand each and every one.
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