Sound advice from Seth Godin

Promotional Companies
Seth Godin is a bestselling author, former business executive, motivational influencer, blogger and - above everything else - a man who wants you to succeed. As we’re all about helping others reach their potential, we found this advice from Seth Godin pretty powerful.

Will you be missed?

Seth Godin’s short and simple post gets you asking the important question: ‘will they miss me when I’m gone?’ And such a big question, well, it may encourage you to rethink the way you act and run your business.

Brands can apply this to their marketing campaigns by aiming to make an impact rather than just chase sales. People can implement it by working harder, paying more attention to detail or simply by having a positive attitude around the office.

Get the scoop

It’s not difficult to get noticed, but it takes a special kind of person to make a genuine impact on others. Whether you apply this ethos to your work ethic, your personal life - or both - it’s certainly sound advice.

Read the full (but short and sweet) article here.  
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