Top trends for year-end gifting 2018

Year End Gifts
We hear it every single day – 'the year is just flying by!' – and that's why we're here to get you thinking about your end-of-year gifting strategy. We want you to avoid the year-end panic and, most importantly, for you to find perfect, personalised gifts for your stakeholders, clients and team. Here are the top trends for year-end gifting 2018.

Uncompromised quality and vast range

Years ago promo products and corporate gifts were seen as the cheap versions of highstreet or shopping mall bestsellers. Not so in 2018. If a product is popular right now out in the big wide world (like reusable coffee cups or down jackets) then it’s likely we stock something comparable and top quality that we can brand with your logo and design. Quality is King and if you’re seeing a trend in retail, it’s highly likely we’ll stock promo items to match, too.

Functional and useful… every single day

Many of us are trying to veer away from the clutter and having ‘too much stuff’. Make sure whatever it is you are gifting, it is going to be useful. Often the most useful promo products are the best. Think personalised notepads, laptop backpacks and caps.

Wellness and tech are on the rise

‘Self-care’ seems to be a watchword for 2018 with us all realising that we need to look after ourselves for the long-run. Promo items that we’re seeing flying off the shelves right now include water bottles, lunch carriers and fitness trackers.

Tech is also continuing its popularity trajectory. Speakers that rival the best, headsets, power banks and more… it seems you just can’t go wrong when picking a tech corporate gift.

Personal, personal, personal

And the top trend of the moment? It must be personal. No one-size-fits all approach – for the very best in promo strategies, you need to think about the person you are gifting. What would they like? What would mean a lot to them? How can you personalise it even more? 

Order your end-of-year gifts now

The perfect gift for your stakeholders and clients can end the year off on a perfect high and planning ahead not only allows you to find just the right item, but it also allows you to carefully consider every single detail of how we will brand it for you – making a lasting impression to take your business into 2019 in style. Browse our full range and do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.
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