Unique corporate giveaway items for your next conference

Corporate Gifts
Need your brand to stand out at your next conference? Then don’t let your clients walk away without some unique gear or gifts to remember your brand by.
Here are some of our favourite promotional giveaway items for your next big conference or event.
Ensure your clients are able to tweet, post and share about their experience at your conference or trade show by giving them a gift that will keep their phone powered up. These portable power banks are perfect for custom branding and make a great addition to your conference gift pack.
Ah, the lanyard – a conference classic. Except this time your brand is guaranteed to stand out when it’s stamped onto a lanyard that’s colourful, unique and eye-catching.
One of the best feelings in the world? Starting a new notebook. Take your pick of corporate notebooks here and let us brand each one for you – either with the conference branding, your business branding or go that extra mile and personalise each notebook for everyone attending.
One step up from a branded notebook? A whole set of personalised stationery and so much more… we’re your one-stop-print-shop for just about everything when it comes to conferences and events.
Raise your hand if you’ve maintained focus for the full duration of a conference. Your clients may well be grateful for a corporate gift that helps keep their attention span on track so they don’t miss any crucial information. Enter the fidget spinner, a big hit no matter your age.
These are just five of our favourite conference giveaway items, but we can assure you there are a lot more in our range. Head on over to our site to find the perfect personalised product for your next conference!
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