Why corporate gifting keeps your customers coming back for more

Corporate Gifts
Could you list the last five gifts you were given, including who gave them to you? What makes a gift stick in your mind?

You may be well-intentioned when sending corporate gifts to your customers, thinking that a keychain branded with your logo should more than show your gratitude, but for all you know, they’ve got a cupboard filled with keychains from other businesses and brands.

So how can you give something that is truly meaningful and memorable… and that’s great for brand loyalty?

Personalisation is key

In an age where hyper-personalisation is trending, people expect things to be tailored to them, and you have the opportunity to go a lot further than a simple email that says “Hi, Josie.”

Custom corporate gifts: bringing your gifting up to the standard of the hyper-personalisation age.

The research speaks for itself

Unique corporate gifts, picked specifically based on the information you know about a particular customer, will encourage 70.57% of people to continue doing business with you, whereas a swag gift (a mass-giveaway item, clearly for the purpose of advertising) will discourage 10.72% from coming back for more.

And according to a study by researchers at Northwestern University, unique gifts tend to create a stronger impression than generic gifts. Participants who received a unique gift were highly satisfied because these gifts are “customized to the wants and needs of the recipient”.

Dive deeper into hyper-personalisation

In order to figure out what gifts your customers actually want, you’ll need to have a greater understanding of hyper-personalisation, and the role it could play in your corporate gifting strategy. This article by Marketing Tech highlights the impact hyper-personalisation could have on your customer engagement.
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