Here's how your choice of workwear reflects your company values

Corporate Workwear
7 seconds.

That’s how long it takes for people to form an opinion about you. During this short time, they are building a narrative about your financial situation, education, the kind of job you’re in and whether or not you’re interesting enough for them to want to stick around and listen to what you have to say.

So when your team, who are a representation of your brand, are interacting with current or potential clients, what impression do you want them to make?

When you’re choosing custom-branded workwear for your team, you need to choose carefully.
Here are three messages the clothes they wear to work can send to clients:

1. Workwear depicts company culture

A high-end department store will have a very different look among their team, than a creative agency start-up. But regardless, these employees are walking billboards of their company culture. You want your clients to understand your business, which means that if your company has a more laid-back creative vibe to it, don’t put your employees in suits. And if your business is a serious law firm, don’t send your team to meetings wearing bright blue hoodies.

2. A work uniform can represent teamwork

Of course, in certain industries like hospitality, a uniform is required and expected by the staff and clients alike. But in other industries, the workwear rules are a little softer. However, if you simply give each employee a personalised shirt, hoodie, jacket, or cap to wear (depending on the industry), this can send a message of unity and teamwork to the client. Quality, branded team kit can do a lot for office morale, too.

3. Custom-branded clothes create brand awareness

Picture a first meeting with a potential client. That client may have met with ten other service providers in that week alone, trying to gauge which company to invest in. But if your team member is in professional workwear that’s impressively branded with your logo, they may just stand out from the pack.

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