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Go Beyond

Don’t do the expected, do the extraordinary – something we apply to every project we take on. Probably because Richard (the big boss) thinks life’s too short for ordinary, and Nicholas (the other big boss) thinks life’s too dull in grey.

So when we arrive at work each morning, we have one thing in mind – to get people talking about your brand. We do this by being more than just your average printing and corporate gifting company. We inspire solutions that go beyond the ordinary. Solutions that not only give your brand extra reach, but a little extra kick too. Just like adding chilli to your favourite pizza.

Our special magic factory is situated in Woodstock, Cape Town, and it’s where all our crazy ideas come to life. With a focus on quality production, consistency and speedy delivery, anything is possible – you just have to believe.

From concept to design to printing, we make sure we provide a tailored, one-of-a-kind service for our clients. And we make sure we make it fun. After all, it takes fewer muscles to smile than it does to frown. At Creative Brands, it’s never business as usual. It’s business above and beyond.

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