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Nicholas Markovitz & Richard Jermyn, Managing Directors

“If you know so much, why don’t you come work for me?” said a rather facetious Richard. “Were you serious about what you said?” asked a tenacious Nicholas the next day. Somewhere between the precocious nature of Richard, and the persistent will of Nicholas, an unlikely but very successful partnership formed.

The two still debate whether it was an ad in the Yellow Pages, or a mutual acquaintance, that first brought them together. But what they both agreed on pretty soon after meeting, was the kind of company they wished to create. Dynamic, irreverent, bold – a bit like the two of them squashed together. 

Though Nicholas came on board in 2006, it all began in a little cottage in Gardens, Cape Town, in 2003. Since then, Creative Brands has grown from a team of 12, which included a goth transvestite, to over 50 talented misfits. Today, this crazy bunch of oddballs (including Nic’s dog, Vegas) is locked away from the public in a much larger factory shop in Woodstock, as well as a shop in Jozi town and Shenzhen, China. (Since opening, only one loony has managed to escape.)

Never afraid to roll up their sleeves and apply some elbow grease, this hands-on team likes to question and do things differently. But then, would you expect anything less from a motley crew, and one very smart canine?

As the company continues to grow stronger than a Muscle Mary, it seems a dash of precociousness and a splash of persistence really is the perfect mix.

Please feel free to get in touch with either of us directly:
richard@creativebrands.co.za or nicholas@creativebrands.co.za

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