Unique corporate gift ideas for the eco-friendly client

Corporate Gifts
By now you’re aware that investing in corporate gifts for your clients is a great way to enhance your brand awareness. But, have you ever stopped to think about how the types of gifts you choose may speak louder about your brand than just the act of giving?

In today’s world, sustainability should be on everyone’s radar. Customers like to be associated with businesses and brands who care about our planet. Luckily our range of eco-friendly corporate gifts has got you covered!
A strong and durable bag, made from jute fabric, this is a useful and stylish promotional giveaway item that any client would love.
The next time your client runs out of battery at a crucial time (did someone say load-shedding?), your brand will be top of mind as they power-up their useful corporate gift.
A great alternative to plastic, not only is bamboo sustainable but also makes a stylish canvas for custom-branding (and who wouldn’t appreciate a new USB?).
Pens are the ultimate classic corporate gift because they are just so useful! This pen is a beautiful alternative to plastic pens as it’s housed in bamboo.
So, the next time you’re on the hunt for the perfect corporate gift, consider how much your clients would appreciate something eco-friendly, and remember we’ll personalise your gift so your brand will always be top of mind.
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