Whether it’s bags, jackets, towels, or golf shirts, embroidery is a great technique to use when customising corporate apparel and gifts. Here we’ll take a close look at this custom-branding technique so as to help you make the best choice when it comes to promotional merchandise or great gifting.

A quick definition

Put simply, embroidery is the art of decorating fabric with designs stitched in thread. When you think about embroidery or embroidery designs, you might picture someone sewing an intricate design onto a handkerchief or a tapestry-like craft project that can take years to complete. You would not be wrong, embroidery is an art but these days the technique has evolved so much that it is now one of the most popular branding techniques in the business world. Driven by computers that read digitised embroidery files, this customisation technique is produced by top-of-the-range embroidery machines that automatically create a design on the product. From names to logos, embroidery is now both an effective and efficient way to custom-brand clothing, merchandise and gifts. Embroidery versus printing When customising your chosen product, you need to consider which method of customisation would work best – embroidery or print? Both are effective branding techniques but each have their own unique qualities. Printing allows for more complicated designs, especially with regards to colourful and intricate logos. It can look a little more modern and sleek, however, high-precision embroidery machinery allows you to create a more textured look and it has durability on its side, plus a sense of timelessness. Largely, it really depends on the product you wish to custom-brand.

The advantages of embroidery

Here’s why we love using embroidery to custom-brand products:

  • A classic, professional look

One of the first places people often come into contact with your brand is on your team’s customised workwear. Embroidery ensures you give the right impression. A well-executed embroidery design can elevate even a plain T-shirt or golf shirt so that it looks super chic and professional. With the right logo embroidered, you’ll achieve a classy, classic and professional look.

  • Durability

One of the benefits of choosing to custom-brand with embroidery is that it will remain intact for years. When well done, embroidery is resilient against a range of washing methods, fabric cleaners and weather conditions. If top-quality embroidery machinery, like ours, is used, then durability is on your side.

  • Personalisation

If you are looking to personalise any product with a name or slogan, embroidery is certainly worth considering. Many products such as towels, kids hats and clothing that will be worn day in and day out, work incredibly well when personalised with embroidery.

Embroidery is suitable for both flat and irregular surfaces and allows for both single and multi-colour branding. Logos can be embroidered in up to nine different thread colours

Which products work best with embroidery designs?

Because embroidery is produced using fabric like cotton and polyester, it is best to choose products made of similar materials. If you want to embroider a corporate gift for a client or team member, we would suggest choosing something that will not only look classy, but that will be useful too. Here are some great exampes that work well when branded with embroidery.

If you’re shopping for branded workwear, you can pretty much embroider anything – from jackets and bodywarmers to golf shirts, formal shirts and different types of headwear.

Let us take care of your custom-branding: embroidery in South Africa

Whether you live in Cape Town, Pretoria, Johannesburg, or Durban, our process is as simple as choosing the product you want, uploading your artwork, and our embroidery machines will do the rest! Get in touch  to find out more.