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The wristband is one of the first and oldest human fashion accessories, a piece of history we have carried since the dawn of civilization. Back in the ancient days it was probably nothing more than a piece of leather string but, since then, it has evolved to take on a plethora of fashionable chic forms.

At Creative Brands we respect this piece of fashion history which is why we stock a wonderfully vast, colourful and high quality range of wristband items. From the standard rubber wristband to the more extravagant custom bracelets, we got your arm covered.

If you need a personal touch or some branding done on your wristband items, don’t hesitate to let us know. Imbuing your bracelets with some of our printing magic would be an honour.

colours corporate wristband
R7.49 Excl. VAT
circa corporate wristband
R8.13 Excl. VAT